Booz Allen Hamilton Easy Access to Benefits Information

Giving Citizens Quick, Easy Access to Critical Benefits InformationBooz Allen Hamilton worked with 10 federal agencies initially to create, a one-stop portal to provide citizens an integrated repository of benefits and entitlement information across multiple programs.

During the development process, Booz Allen implemented transparent project management, giving participating agencies access to costs at any given time, progress toward milestones, and coordinated change review processes. We called upon expertise across key functional areas within Booz Allen to maximize the efficiency of the development process and federal partners' contributions and minimize risk and disruptions to existing processes.

The project moved from requirements analysis to a live Web site in less than 100 days. It incorporates a confidential online screening tool to help guide citizens toward the benefits for which they are qualified, allows them to create a common registration profile across the agencies, and includes safeguards to reduce fraud. Originally covering 55 benefits from 10 federal agencies, now covers more than 1,000 benefits offered by 17 agencies. Screening capabilities have been expanded through Customized Connections, a new, more powerful tool tailored to explore the Social Security Administration's array of programs. saves time, reduces employee workloads, speeds operations, and streamlines citizens' receipt of benefits. It has generated value of more than $89 million – more than 20 times the cost of funding it, an outstanding return on investment. It has served more than 31 million citizens to date.

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Meet the Team

Meet Roberta Gosling, one of the Booz Allen principals who worked on this client assignment.