Booz Allen Hamilton

Unlocking Health Information Value

Health organizations can leverage their data by sending it in motion

Health IT holds enormous promise for achieving timely, high quality, and affordable care. Physicians and healthcare organizations have made great strides in digitizing data for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and amassing huge amounts of health information. The key to improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs lies in what you do with that health information.

Booz Allen brings expertise from multiple disciplines and rich healthcare experience to unlock value from health information. We help clients implement Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), health data informatics, quality reporting, and other solutions that leverage data to enhance care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Booz Allen Hamilton is committed to creating significant and lasting improvements to the sustainability of our world. Our sustainability commitment is further strengthened by our partnerships and philanthropy in the communities in which we live and work.

Booz Allen helps healthcare organizations secure, access, analyze, share, and manage health data. We help build HIEs for secure information exchange, while implementing health informatics to gain insight into effective protocols. These support quality reporting and other solutions that empower patients, enhance physician care, and improve outcomes while reducing costs.


We bring together experts in technology, informatics, and other major disciplines to implement transformational healthcare. Our deep domain knowledge and experience across the public and private healthcare sectors enable us to deliver results that endure, as shown in the Booz Allen and Discovery Channel documentary, HEALTH I.T.: Advancing Care, Empowering Patients.