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Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Leverage the power of our Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture

We are living in the greatest age of information discovery the world has ever known. Fueled in large part by the more than five billion mobile phones in use around the globe, our world is increasingly measured, instrumented, monitored, and automated in ways that generate incredible amounts of rich and complex data. Unfortunately, the number of big data analysts and the capabilities of traditional tools aren’t keeping pace with this unprecedented data growth.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture integrates cloud computing technology and advanced analytic capabilities. Our secure, scalable, and schema-less framework allows machines to do the mundane tasks required to compile and sort the data and frees people to do the analysis that provides insights for data-driven decision-making.

Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Most organizations are unprepared for the deluge of data and are unable to turn big data into big insights that drive intelligent business decisions. For the last 20 years, systems have been built in stovepipes, which actively prevent the insights to occur.


The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture

Our layered framework incorporates a wide range of services to move from technology infrastructure with chaotic, distributed data burdened by noise to large-scale data processing and analytics characterized by speed, precision, security, scalability, and cost efficiency.


Domain Experts, Software Engineers, and Analysts

Booz Allen brings together best-of-breed domain experts, software engineers, and analysts to extract new insights from data, enabling our clients to make the intelligent data-driven business decisions required to compete in today’s information age.