Booz Allen Hamilton

Re-Imagining Infrastructure

Booz Allen is helping create the leadership, vision and knowledge to rebuild America’s infrastructure 

Much of America’s critical infrastructure is failing—threatening our economic growth, national competitiveness and even our national security. In the past, we excelled at imagining infrastructure—witness the Erie Canal and the national highway system—and now we need to re-imagine America’s infrastructure with new ways of approaching the issues.

Booz Allen is leading the way in showing how this re-imagining is possible. Through our holistic approach, we’re bringing multiple stakeholders together to build the kind of leadership, vision, and knowledge needed to make strong, modern infrastructure a reality.

A Growing Risk

America must rebuild its energy, transportation, water and other infrastructures if we are to remain strong as a nation and maintain our quality of life. While the country has the talent, know-how, experience—and even the funds—to rebuild, the state of our infrastructure has not improved. We need a comprehensive, flexible and scalable approach through which stakeholders can find common goals and work together.

A Holistic Approach

There are four steps to the re-imagining: 1) Understanding infrastructures as highly complex networks. 2) Developing innovative design principles that will allow the infrastructures to adapt and grow. 3) Building a collective leadership that will align the interests and actions of stakeholders. 4) Creating a national, unified vision for America’s infrastructure.

Leading the Way

Booz Allen is helping clients re-imagine infrastructure in a variety of initiatives. Among them: We worked closely with the National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling on the causes and prevention of disasters like the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. We are also helping the Federal Aviation Administration think through and create the “Next Gen” of air transportation systems—moving the nation’s air traffic control infrastructure from ground-based radar to satellite guidance.