Booz Allen Hamilton

An Intelligence-Driven Approach

Actionable Intelligence Key to Keeping Several Steps Ahead of Cyber Adversaries

As businesses expand in cyberspace, they increase the opportunities for cyber adversaries to steal intellectual property and assets, disrupt global networks, and shut down  supply chains — because traditional perimeter defenses are no longer sufficient to stop them.

To prevent, detect, and predict cyber threats, businesses demand a dynamic approach to security — a holistic approach that integrates people, processes, and technology to produce the actionable intelligence necessary to think and act several steps ahead of adversaries, and stop them before they can do harm.  

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threat actors (APTs) and other adversaries are using advanced tools and techniques to continuously compromise and maintain access to their victims’ systems, so they may steal sensitive company information or wreak havoc on their ability to conduct business.

Once they penetrate traditional perimeter defenses, adversaries are able to easily — and covertly — access sensitive data, steal funds, sabotage systems, and harm a company’s image, operations, and bottom line. 


Intelligence-Driven Security

Intelligence-driven security is the key to protecting a company’s brand, operations, and business. Booz Allen’s intelligence-driven approach establishes a framework that “thinks bigger” than technology to encompass people and processes, as well as technology.

This fully integrated approach to security gives companies complete visibility and understanding into all potential risks across the enterprise and the actions they must take to prevent, detect, and predict cyber attacks before they harm the ability to conduct business freely in cyberspace.


Ensuring Interoperability, Integration, and Innovation

Booz Allen's security experts help organizations evaluate and prioritize emerging technologies, build secure cyber architectures, and develop and implement effective standards to ensure interoperability, integration, and innovation. Booz Allen has thousands of experienced cyber professionals nationwide who offer unparalleled expertise in cyber assurance, engineering, solutions, IT management, and mission assurance.