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Improving Public Safety with Analytics

Booz Allen’s innovative approach to a national priority with ICE earns prestigious INFORMS analytics award

After years of gathering large amounts of data, organizations now face the challenge of interpreting the data in ways that advance their business goals or mission areas. Traditional methods of processing this much data could take years, much too long to be effective in determining probable cost, risk, and outcomes of time-sensitive initiatives. Booz Allen’s expertise in Analytics, on the other hand, enables organizations to process, interpret, and use massive data stores in weeks or months.

Booz Allen’s work with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) demonstrates the innovative ways the firm’s capabilities and multidisciplinary experts can help government excel at achieving important mandates, such as making the country more secure. Our Decision Analytics, Cloud Analytics, and Strategy and Change Management capabilities came together to deliver superior support to the client. As further recognition of Booz Allen’s unique Analytics capabilities, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) awarded its inaugural Innovation in Analytics Award to the firm

In FY 2008, Congress requested that ICE make enforcement and removal of criminal aliens a priority. To meet this mandate, ICE needed to improve its technology, processes, and infrastructure around criminal alien enforcement, while creating greater efficiencies within the agency. Although ICE had a long-standing data collection process, the data was often not used efficiently to inform strategic or operational decision making.


Booz Allen merged its Analytics capabilities, as well as its expertise in strategy and change management, for strategic and operational decision-making. By using a coordinated and flexible suite of models, Booz Allen found creative ways to strengthen ICE’s mission while reducing the agency’s budget. To date, ICE has more than doubled its criminal alien removal at lower cost, leading to greater public safety for the American people.


Booz Allen reaches across the entire firm to bring together specialized expertise for each engagement. For ICE, we provided data scientists, statisticians, economists, operations researchers, modeling and simulation experts, domain experts, and strategy and change management professionals. This matrixed approach enables us to design solutions to our clients’ individual needs.