Booz Allen Hamilton

Delivering Effectiveness and Efficiency in Information Technology

Supporting the Air Force’s IT Efficiency Initiatives

Facing increasing mission scope and declining budgets, the federal government is optimizing its use of information technology to drive cost savings while enhancing operational effectiveness. In-depth analysis of the people, processes, and systems that support an IT organization is the first step to identifying efficiencies that will enhance mission performance.

Aiming to reduce IT spending by more than $1B, the CIO of the Air Force looked across the entire enterprise and identified eight major IT initiatives with the potential to produce the desired cost savings. Booz Allen quickly deployed a multi-disciplinary team of experts to assist in the financial, operational, and technical analysis of the CIO’s eight initiatives.

Reducing Budget Without Limiting Capability

To align his IT organization behind a significantly reduced budget, the CIO of the Air Force sought to improve processes and procedures across eight critical IT initiatives. The targeted initiatives ranged from the procurement of satellite communications services to enterprise-wide email and collaboration management. The efficiencies needed to be realized without compromising the security of the networks.


Booz Allen's RightIT Methodology

A multi-disciplinary team of Booz Allen experts quickly deployed to assist in the in-depth analysis of the eight IT initiatives identified by the Air Force CIO. Booz Allen assessed the lifecycle costs, technical specifications, and manpower requirements of each initiative and developed a holistic strategy and change management plan to help the Air Force realize the desired efficiencies.


A Roadmap for Idenfitying Efficiencies and Enhancing Effectiveness

Working closely with Air Force IT leadership, Booz Allen was able to identify more than $1.1B in IT cost savings across the eight initiatives identified by the CIO. Our team identified additional efficiencies beyond the scope of the eight areas initially analyzed and delivered a detailed roadmap to enhance effectiveness while maintaining security.