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CyberM³: Enabling Your Enterprise

Measure, manage, and mature your enterprise security

Many businesses are beginning to experience a painful truth: Their systems have already been penetrated. Adversaries are using sophisticated evasion technologies to hide unnoticed within their systems, patiently waiting to steal sensitive information or inflict harm.

As cyber threats grow rapidly — as attack surfaces grow exponentially — traditional perimeter-based defense postures and compartmentalized security silos are no longer sufficient. Countering high-octane cyber threats requires a dynamic new enterprise approach to information security — one that continuously adjusts and matures as threats evolve.

Capability Maturity Model for Information Security

To preemptively respond to today's cyber threats, organizations must transform traditional perimeter-defense approaches into a single, enterprise-focused, information-security approach. To transform security, an information-security capability maturity model is needed — a complete set of tools, processes, and procedures that ingrain security across the enterprise.

Continuously Measure, Manage, and Mature

To transform security, Booz Allen developed the CyberM³ Next Generation Maturity Model. It guides you through an array of capabilities and activities to embed security across people, business processes, and technology. Its tools, processes, and procedures simplify the transformation from a perimeter-based approach to a dynamic, intelligence-based approach.


Ensuring Interoperability, Integration, Innovation

Booz Allen's security experts help organizations evaluate and prioritize emerging technologies, build secure cyber architectures, and develop standards to ensure interoperability, integration, and innovation. Booz Allen has thousands of cyber professionals nationwide who offer expertise in cyber assurance, engineering, solutions, IT management, and mission assurance.