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Booz Allen partners with our clients to solve their most important and complex problems, making their mission our mission, and delivering results that endure.

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2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Workforce Study

The 2015 Global Information Workforce Study gauges trends and issues affecting the security workforce and industry.

Confronting Complexity in Managing a Cyber Crisis

A network intrusion or theft of sensitive data can quickly explode into a devastating event. But many organizations are caught unprepared to address the issues created by a major network breach. Their crisis action response cannot keep pace with the malicious intruders or the overwhelming media coverage. A new Booz Allen Hamilton paper examines how cyber breaches can threaten a company’s existence.

Cyber In-Security: Closing the Federal Talent Gap.

Booz Allen and the Partnership for Public Service make recommendations for fully understanding and resolving the growing cyber talent crisis.

IRS: Stop Refund Fraud, Without Slowing Down the Checks

In 2014, more than 85 million Americans received a refund from the Internal Revenue Service.  It is money they want quickly, money they count on.  The IRS has worked hard to speed up the refund process. 

EPA: Improving Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process

EPA’s eRulemaking Program increases public access to and participation in federal rulemaking, and improves agencies’ efficiency and effectiveness in developing rules. The Program manages two Web sites: the public-facing and the agency-focused 

Transforming the Vaccine Management Supply Chain

Booz Allen has helped transform the CDC’s publicly funded vaccine management model from decentralized inefficiency into a centralized management system that enables better oversight.

Designing the MLB Replay Operations Center

Booz Allen helped MLB manage the successful transition to an effective and efficient replay system.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Grid Security Exercise Support

Booz Allen partnered with PG&E to support excerises testing the organization's cyber and physical security.

Securing Connected Vehicles

Booz Allen's experts are helping define the industry standard for vehicle cyber security.
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