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Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. Today’s cyber battleground is constantly evolving, and cyber criminals are devising increasingly sophisticated attacks for both financial and political gain. To stay one step ahead of threats, organizations need access to a host of Cyber resources designed to help them prevent, identify, and effectively respond to rogue cyber agents. Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network capabilities were created to do just that.

Tap Into the Network for Comprehensive Cyber Defense

The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network is a virtually-connected constellation of centers and labs, each equipped with the unique cyber tools and expertise needed to counter 21st century cyber threats. It takes a network of resources to defend a network, and protecting critical IT assets involves far more than the right technology. The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network provides organizations access to thousands of cyber experts, threat intelligence, proven technologies, and the latest training - available any time, from any location.

Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network

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It Takes a Network to defend a Network

Outpacing cyber criminals starts with innovation. Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network capabilities are aligned around four core service areas: advanced cyber analytics, computer network defense, product testing, and evaluation and comprehensive cyber training. Through these four core service areas, organizations have access to continuous network monitoring, proactive threat detection, technology evaluation data, and virtual education courses – all within a secure environment that enables real-time collaboration with some of the top cyber experts in the world.

Harness the Power

  • Advanced Cyber Analytics tools help organizations connect the dots within massive amounts of cyber risk data, identifying the trends, anomalies, and relationships that lead to proactive threat detection.
  • Computer Network Defense 24/7 monitoring capabilities ensure that when an attack does occur, it’s quickly identified and neutralized.
  • Cyber Product Testing and Evaluation services ensure organizations have access to the product data they need to choose the best technologies for their unique cyber challenges.
  • Advanced Cyber Training resources serve as a virtual bootcamp for Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network users, educating the next generation of cyber warriors on the latest tools, tactics, and techniques, so that they can build cyber defense solutions that thrive in tomorrow’s cyber battleground.

Organizations can tap into the power of the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network from anywhere with an internet connection, and know that they are accessing the entire range of capabilities across the network. During times of heavy cyber activity, or when a breach has been detected, Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network resources scale to meet the most urgent client challenges, through the right people, the right intelligence, and the right technologies.

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