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Putting Your Data on the Offensive

Today, sports are generating more data than ever before. Sports organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to use data to improve their decision-making and power their performance. But where do you start?

With industry-leading data science expertise, Booz Allen Hamilton can help your sports organization use data to win more games, reduce operating costs, strengthen your brand, and generate additional revenue across new and existing channels.

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Together, we can maximize the value and impact of data for your sports organization.

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Strategic Capabilities

Sports Analytics

In the data analytics space, Booz Allen is at the forefront of efforts to help organizations capitalize on their most important natural resource: their data.

Our Approach

Booz Allen applies data science to augment sports organizations’ decision-making across three distinct, but related competencies:

On the Field

Tools for coaches and trainers to:

  • Develop game strategies
  • Prevent injuries
  • Field the fittest players


Off the Field

Strategies for GMs and front office managers to:

  • Manage brand and reputation
  • Discover player valuation
  • Deploy scouting resources


In the Stands

Approaches for owners and marketing departments to:

  • Engage a fan base
  • Create pricing strategies
  • Evaluate partnerships
  • Boost merchandise and concession sales



Learn more about Booz Allen’s sports data science capabilities and how to make data science a transformational power across your entire organization.

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