Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is an entirely new form of computing that, though still in its early stages, has the potential to revolutionize how we solve highly complex problems. Booz Allen is one of the first companies in the world to use quantum computing to solve real-world problems. And we’re taking the lead in bringing these solutions to our government and business clients.

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The Promise of Quantum Computing

Optimal Solutions

When given a problem to solve, conventional computers typically consider many or all of the possible outcomes. The explosion of data today only further complicates that computing process. Quantum computers, however, can find optimal solutions more directly, by taking advantage of natural quantum phenomena.


Quantum computers don’t rely on conventional transistor-based silicon technology. Instead, they take advantage of the quantum-mechanical properties of special materials to solve problems. While the bits used by conventional computers have only two states—“off” or “on” (0 or 1)—the bits in quantum computers (called qubits) have far more possible states. This makes it possible for quantum computers to solve difficult problems in a completely different way.

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