Booz Allen’s Innovation Blueprint

Leaders in the private and public sectors view innovation as a business imperative, but few have a consistent or applicable framework to address their complex needs. Whether you’re a hesitant innovator, seasoned and agile, or somewhere in between, the eight components of our Innovation Blueprint provide a holistic framework that help you build new value—not just new things.

Focus Your Agenda

We define innovation as change with impact. And to maximize impact you need focus and direction. Our strategists work with you to focus your investments on a potent blend of assets and capabilities. Together, we’ll ignite your original thinking into the products and solutions that will propel your business forward.

Booz Allen’s Innovation Services

Using Booz Allen’s Innovation Blueprint as our guide, we empower clients to build new value. Our service offerings transform organizations' cultures and increase their capacity for growth and change. In our experience our clients needs are generally triggered by a desire to breathe new ideas into their organization, to enable the actualization of those ideas, and to attract, retain, and inspire their people.

Innovation Assessment, Strategy & Roadmapping

Strategy Development and Roadmapping

Innovation efforts fall short of their potential when they lack clear strategic intent and organizational alignment. Strategy development helps focus resources against priority objectives, and establishes a clear vision for the organization.

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Innovation Maturity Diagnostic

Our organizational assessment tool, the Innovation Maturity Diagnostic (IMD) helps to level set, isolate barriers, gaps and drivers of innovation within your organization.

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Innovation Ecosystems & People Programs

Internal Ecosystem

We help clients design, build and manage the internal tools and programs that enable and inspire employees to collaborate, solve challenges, and be entrepreneurial. These integrated tools form an ecosystem that includes innovation spaces, digital enablers, and in person events.

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People Programs and Incentives

Inspire and grow your team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and market catalysts through unique incentives, recruiting, and training programs.

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External Ecosystem

Tap into a broader ecosystem of emerging technologies and solutions by building an external network of alliances, partnerships and ventures.

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Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation

Want to harness the wisdom of the crowd? Our approach to crowdsourcing is solution-based. We help clients develop ideas and solve complex problems through targeted employee ideation programs, grand challenges and code/design competitions.

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Innovation Actualization & Commercialization

Ideation and entrepreneurialism will not bring tangible results without follow-through. We help you transform good ideas into new value through rapid prototyping, portfolio management, alternative revenue streams, business model innovation, go-to-market strategies, and commercialization.

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