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Booz Allen’s approach to innovation is solution-based

Driven by the imperative to rethink client problems that are large-scale, complex, and important to the mission

Booz Allen’s approach to innovation is solution-based—it is driven by the imperative to rethink client problems that are large-scale, complex, and important to the mission. In many cases, the first step is to use scientific knowledge and expertise to create breakthroughs in overarching problems, such as how to bring together and leverage an organization’s widely disparate data sources. The next step is to apply the larger innovation to specific client problems—developing entirely new strategies, solutions and products aimed at mission and business success.

Government and business organizations today face an extraordinary challenge—while their budgets are declining, the expectation that they can and should do more is actually increasing. And this growing gap between resources and expectations comes at a time when organizations’ mission and business problems are becoming more complex than ever.

Booz Allen Hamilton believes the best way to close the gap—and solve the difficult problems—is through innovation. By reimagining how things can be done, and applying those insights to real-world challenges, organizations can achieve levels of performance and mission success that may now be out of reach.

To help foster that innovation for our clients, Booz Allen is investing in and building new capabilities in five critical areas, and bringing them together in an array of integrated solutions platforms. This ambitious initiative, Booz Allen’s Strategic Innovation Group, is essentially a breeding ground for breakthrough innovation—and a way to share new thinking, new ideas and new concepts with our clients.

Booz Allen delivers innovative solutions in four focus areas:

NextGen Analytics

Harnessing organizations’ greatest natural resource—data—to solve the most complex, pressing problems. Learn More



Modernizing mission and business execution through integration of digital solutions and open platforms across the enterprise. Learn More

Predictive Intelligence

Anticipating, rather than reacting to, increasingly sophisticated and dangerous cyber-attacks.  Learn More


Rapid Prototyping

Staying ahead of adversaries in the development and deployment of defense and intelligence technologies.


Protecting Public Health

Discover how Booz Allen's multidisciplinary team of scientists work with public health clients in support of the fight against infectious diseases, food-borne illnesses and bioterrorist threats.Read More

Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Leverage the power of our Cloud Analytics Reference ArchitectureRead More

Who says big companies can't innovate?

Who says big companies can't innovate?
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4 Weeks to Analytic Wow! The Booz Allen IVADS™ Model

Booz Allen Hamilton is well versed in delivering pragmatic change and a pioneer in developing high impact Data Science programs. Learn to go from woe to WOW in just 4 weeks!
Read More

Enhanced Due Diligence Dashboard

As criminal enterprises become more technologically savvy, methods for fighting financial crime quickly become outdated. It doesn't take long for them to figure out how to circumvent "the system".
Read More

Limiting health care spending growth through the application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategies

Discover how payers have succeeded in limiting healthcare spending growth through the judicious application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategies
Read More

Manufacturing Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Manufacturing Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper
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The Smart Command Town Hall Series

With support from Government Executive Media Group’s Defense One custom events business, the series features four town hall events across the country from November, 2013 through March, 2014 focusing on putting innovative, interoperable technologies into the hands of warfighters more rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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How The Data Lake Works

Booz Allen pioneered the Data Lake—an approach that manages the volume,velocity and variety of data while becoming more powerful through a shift from “schema-on-write” to “schema-on-read."

Five Profiles of Organizations on a Journey to Analytics-Driven Decisions

This white paper provides insight into how organizations can restart their progress in achieving analytics based decision-making.

Implementing an Open Source Cloud Broker Solution – Booz Allen’s Cloud Management and Broker Services

Booz Allen Hamilton’s comprehensive approach for implementing a cloud broker solution uses an open architecture that is agnostic of infrastructure technology and platform choices, allowing organizations to add or remove managed resources or additional plug-ins for scaled functionality.

Booz Allen Cloud Solutions – Cloud Service Brokering

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cloud Service Broker solution leverages open standards and protocols to enable the development of an open application program interface (API), employing a loosely coupled architecture to enable the ability to eliminate higher cost products and integrate new service offerings.

Booz Allen Cloud Solutions – Our Capability Based Approach

Booz Allen Hamilton offers an integrated suite of cloud capabilities, deep subject matter expertise, and un-paralleled hands-on experience with a broad range of cloud technology products.

Manufacturing Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Manufacturing Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper

Data Science Delivery Model

The Data Science Delivery Model provides a visual representation of how to create a culture of data science within an agency or organization.
View our latest Strategic Innovation videos:

Susan Penfield Receives Women of Excellence Award from National Association for Female Executives

Booz Allen Executive Vice President Susan Penfield has received a National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) Women of Excellence Award in recognition of her “proven success in business and in serving others in her workplace and around the globe.”

How Can America Remain Competitive

In this video interview, Karen Dahut discusses the United States’ ability to solve problems both domestically and internationally

Booz Allen Honored As Gold STEVIE® Award Winner in 2014 American Business Awards for 2014 for 2014 Ideas Festival

Booz Allen Hamilton recognized by the American Business Awards Best Internal Recognition/Motivational Event

Chicago Readies The Next-Generation Big Data Network

Steve Mills comments on the city of Chicago's project to develop a next-generation data analytics platform.

30th Space Symposium

The Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO
The Space Symposium has become widely known as the premier U.S. space policy and program forum and as the "must attend" opportunity for information on and interaction among all sectors of space.

Government Matters - May 18, 2014

Lead Associate James Bridgers, an intrapraneur in the firm's accelerator program, is interviewed at FOSE.
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We deliver our broad range of capabilities to the following markets:

Civilian Agencies

Helping civilian government agencies innovate, modernize, and transform to achieve operational efficiency and mission effectiveness. Learn More


Serving commercial clients across the industrial and services sectors with expert, unbiased advice that helps companies succeed in tackling the most pressing issues and opportunities in business today. Learn More


Supporting the Department of Defense with advanced strategy and technology solutions to enable the US military to deter enemies and threats. Learn More


Providing the intelligence community with strategy and technology solutions for secure intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination. Learn More

Nonprofit Organizations

Management and technology solutions to support the special missions of nonprofit organizations. Learn More