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Cyber attackers’ techniques adapt to organizations’ defenses so rapidly that by the time a new defense system is in place, it is often already obsolete. Booz Allen Hamilton helps clients in both business and government stay ahead of adversaries through Intelligence Driven Security – a proactive, enterprise-wide approach, expressly tailored to each organization, that anticipates and responds to cyber threats as they emerge.

Developing a Pro-Active, Enterprise-Wide Cybersecurity Posture

Cyber attacks from hactivist groups, crime syndicates, nation-states and others are now so sophisticated and insidious that perimeter defenses and other point solutions are no longer enough. Organizations need to adopt new technologies in the digital age, while at the same time developing a cybersecurity posture that will stay ahead of emerging threats.

These critical goals require a comprehensive, holistic cybersecurity framework that also goes beyond technology to encompass the entire enterprise – including its human capital, central governing policies, management, and operations.

At the same time, one-size-fits-all defenses, no matter how comprehensive, are increasingly vulnerable. Organizations can protect their business operations only if they have tailored cybersecurity solutions – including dynamic security programs and a pro-active workforce that can identify and address specific gaps and weaknesses.

With more than 5,000 cyber professionals, Booz Allen Hamilton continues to successfully protect organizations in every business and government sector using Intelligence Driven Security.

Booz Allen Dynamic Defense Framework

The Five Key Areas Of Intelligence Driven Security:

Threat Intelligence

Using our proven methodology – successfully developed for the U.S. military – we integrate and analyze a wide range of data sources to identify the specific intentions and capabilities of an organization’s cyber adversaries. Learn More

Incident Response

When an organization’s network has been successfully breached, we move rapidly to protect data by identifying the source, compartmentalizing infected systems, developing counter-measures, and restoring full functionality. Learn More

Preemptive Response

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s cybersecurity posture, and then help develop a unique roadmap to robust cybersecurity health through a balanced portfolio of capabilities, tailored to resources and priorities. Learn More

Integrated Remediation

Because true cybersecurity must be enterprise-wide, we help integrate the capabilities of Intelligence Driven Security into every area, including technology, people, policy, operations, and management. Learn More

Cyber Solutions Network

To support every facet of Intelligence-Driven Dynamic Defense, our teams tap into the full suite of Booz Allen’s cyber capabilities and subject-matter experts to meet an organization’s cybersecurity needs. We believe it takes a network to defend a network. Learn More

Confronting Complexity in Managing a Cyber Crisis

Many organizations are caught unprepared to address the issues created by a major network breach. Their crisis action response cannot keep pace with the malicious intruders or the overwhelming media coverage. A new Booz Allen Hamilton paper examines how cyber breaches can threaten a company’s existence.
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Creating Value in Health Through Big Data Infographic

Investing in new IT infrastructure, ensuring data security and privacy, and utilizing data scientists can unlock the value buried in Big Data.

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Communications Measurement Infographic

Booz Allen expert Chris Foster explains the evolution of communications measurement in this new Infographic. 

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Retail Reality Check

Booz Allen experts help retailers understand the intersection of innovative technology, data science, and cyber security to get ahead of the changes, the risks, and the competition with a few smart moves.

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A New Normal in Automotive

Booz Allen experts apply insights that extend beyond traditional automotive boundaries to help automakers recognize opportunity in the evolution of the connected vehicle landscape.

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Enhanced Due Diligence Dashboard

As criminal enterprises become more technologically savvy, methods for fighting financial crime quickly become outdated. It doesn't take long for them to figure out how to circumvent "the system".
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Insider Risk Management Mandates and Regulations

Insider4Sight improves insider threat detection by baselining normal behaviors to identify anomalous activities.

Predictive Intelligence

Actionable Insight for the Digital Enterprise

Global4Sight Analytic Services

Large commercial and US Government organizations face a variety of challenges that commonly trace back to limited awareness of potential risks, threats, or opportunities. Booz Allen has created an internal fusion center, known as the Global4Sight group, to study these challenges and develop novel, highly-customized solutions to some of our client’s most difficult problems.

CyberReady Solutions

Integrated Threat Intelligence and Cyber Operations

Turning Data into Intelligence

Utilities are facing urgent challenges. Cyber threats are rising and compliance challenges are increasingly complex. There’s more data but less clarity. Booz Allen has the experience to help you make the right investments to manage today’s risks and be prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.
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The 2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Workforce Study

The 2015 Global Information Workforce Study gauges trends and issues affecting the security workforce and industry.

Securing Connected Vehicles

Booz Allen's experts are helping define the industry standard for vehicle cyber security.
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RSA USA 2015


What do we need to make IoT security a reality?

Booz Allen Chief Scientist and Cybersecurity Fellow Angela Orebaugh, Ph.D. calls for more holistic security approaches to keep up with the growing trend of the Internet of Things. 
Tech Target

Brad Medairy: Booz Allen Receives NSA Recognition For Cyber

Booz Allen has received a cyber incident response certification from the National Security Agency for the firm’s work to provide cyber response aid to national security systems customers.

Riggle to Speak June 12 at Drexel Hamilton Aerospace and Defense Conference

Curt Riggle, Booz Allen Director of Investor Relations, will speak about the company’s performance at 3:30 p.m. EDT, Thursday, June 12, at the Drexel Hamilton 2014 Aerospace and Defense Investors Conference.
May 5-6, 2014

C4ISR & Networks 2014 Conference

Doubletree Hotel Crystal City, Arlington, VA
Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Greg Wenzel will participate on the C2/Comms Panel Session at the 13th annual C4ISR & Networks Conference.
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