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Guiding Enhanced Project Performance

Polaris delivers projects, programs and portfolios both on time and on budget. Need help? Whether it’s training or consulting, Booz Allen’s bench of Polaris analysts are available to assist. Polaris analysis consists of four phases:







Polaris integrates cost estimates, schedules and risk registers into a single analytical model that provides a cohesive view across all three project control functions.

Understand Your Project Controls

Projects can be exceedingly complex; they are comprised of many different functions including budgeting, estimating, scheduling, and risk management. Polaris takes all of these pieces and integrates them into a single picture finding inconsistencies, risks, and drivers of cost and schedule growth, allowing your projects to be more efficient and streamlined.

Working with What's in Place

Shifting Project Controls Platforms is time consuming and expensive. Rather than requiring the creation of new artifacts, Polaris leverages existing project management data. Polaris is fully compatible with industry tools including Oracle® Primavera P6, Microsoft® Project and Microsoft® Excel, allowing the team to continue using their existing infrastructure, streamlining all project data into one manageable space.

Many Functions. One Team.

Nothing is more critical to a project than the team. Cost Estimators, Schedulers, Risk Managers, and Project Managers all play integral roles in the completion of the project; each team member uses their skills to deliver the best possible results. Unfortunately, with so many moving parts, communicating to all team members can be tough. Through Polaris’ seamless merging of artifacts, teams can use one file, enabling real-time analysis, seeing the immediate effects each function area has upon the others.


  • Gantt Chart and Cost/Schedule Uncertainty
  • Cost Loading and Fiscal Year Planning
  • Discrete Risk Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Statusing and Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Cost/Schedule Tradeoff Analysis
  • Critical Path Tree Visualization
  • Resource Heat Map Visualization
  • Inflation Tables
  • Schedule Health Check
  • Cost/Schedule Tradeoffs
  • Joint Confidence Level (JCL) Scatterplot
  • Automated Risk Prioritization
  • RealTime Analytics Simulation Technology
  • Customizable cost and date formatting
  • Cost contingency tracking
  • Deterministic cost phasing view
  • Advanced Report Generator
  • Status Bar
  • Return on Investment


Software Compatibility:
Microsoft® Project 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016
Primavera P6 (v7, 8 15)
Microsoft® Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (.xls, .xlsx)

System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
Flash Player 10.2 or later
Minimum 1GB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 160MB


Polaris is equipped with a variety of analytical views and visualizations.

Gantt Chart
Cost Phasing
Risk Prioritization
Sensitivity Analysis
Scatter Plot
Tasks "CDF/PDF"
Critical Treepath
Resource Utilization Heat Map
Health Check

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