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Gov 2.0

Using Technology to Achieve Open Government

The government is under pressure to reinvent the way it serves citizens. Government 2.0 is about rethinking how to deliver those services using technology to assist client agencies to coordinate their people, policies, and processes to achieve their missions while providing citizens easier access and fast, accurate information.

Grant McLaughlin and Walton Smith speaking at Gov 2.0 Expo 2010

At the same time, agencies are facing resource constraints, so they must implement systems that provide measurable cost and time savings. Using the Internet, social media and other technological advances, Booz Allen can assist agencies to create a government that is more participatory, collaborative and transparent, while streamlining processes and procedures for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

At Booz Allen, we don't consider Government 2.0 to be solely a technology issue – it's about what the technology enables. We help our clients create a vision of the possible, based on what technology can foster and facilitate, while using a holistic methodology to ensure successful, measurable implementation.

Government 2.0 is also about more than social media:

  • Deploying online, self-service systems focused on the customer – the American public. These systems could include websites where constituents can apply for government benefits, report a pothole and even submit ideas for improving the government acquisition process. These systems save the government time and money while supporting and expediting responsive, constituent services.
  • Fostering intergovernmental relationships and cooperation. The use of social media create real-time information-sharing and improved governmental effectiveness that span traditional barriers. As a result, these tools help bridge and facilitate operations across traditional divisions of government (federal, state and local) and across boundaries that are physical (geography), hierarchical (GS-8 to the Secretary of a Department), interdepartmental and those existing between government employees and contractors.
  • Improving communications and collaboration between government and constituents. The U.S. government is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Through the use of social media, the American public is taking a more active role in communicating and collaborating with their government. Twitter is being used to improve public diplomacy efforts; the CDC is using a variety of social media tools to communicate with the public about the dangers of H1N1; NASA is even hosting Tweet-ups that give the public the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at NASA facilities and events.

Government 2.0 is about ushering a new era of government, an era of participation, collaboration, and transparency. While technology like social media, data mashups, and open APIs have great potential, they also carry great risks. Part of Government 2.0 is understanding and mitigating these risks effectively. By implementing privacy, security and identity safeguards up front, the government can ensure that the public’s sensitive information is secure and the government is not subjected to fraud.

To “trust” an online transaction each party must have confidence in:

  • The identity of the parties
  • The way that the data will be handled, managed and protected
  • The security of the communications channel being used

Booz Allen, one of America’s foremost cybersecurity firms, has a documented record of success for building security components directly into the applications that ensure systems, identity, finances and information are safe from attack or theft. Booz Allen is leading the way in the development of Trust Frameworks, identity proofing and authentication systems and standards with the federal government.

Our experience demonstrates that successful implementation of Government 2.0 programs isn’t about using new technology and the same old processes – it requires the ability and willingness to take a completely fresh look at how the government can and should do business and to have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Which tools will best help accomplish the mission;
  • How best to integrate those tools with the current IT infrastructure, workflow and environment;
  • The most effective ways to encourage, empower and teach people how to use the tools

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