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Managing the velocity of change requires new approaches to solving problems in order to anticipate and address the challenges of tomorrow.

Booz Allen Commercial Solutions is committed to helping health & life sciences companies navigate their rapidly changing environment. Overwhelming amounts of data present both opportunities and challenges, offering new and innovative ways to discover business insights, while creating an urgent need for privacy and security measures.

However, many organizations are struggling with how to transform data into insights and a competitive advantage. At Booz Allen, we’re experts in working with our clients to understand and leverage data inside and outside of organizations in order to generate actionable intelligence. With deep expertise in the cloud, advanced analytics, cyber security, communication analytics, information security, privacy and reputation, and business intelligence we’re helping companies solve their most difficult problems.

Tomorrow’s healthcare and life sciences environments are changing dramatically: the future is overflowing with possibilities for those who are poised to adapt.


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Our solutions are tailored, integrated, and can be delivered end-to-end, enabling you to thrive.


Our Cyber solutions empower you to anticipate and respond to today’s cyber challenges. From strategy and design, to implementation and operations – we enable you to keep you company secure.


Data Science & Analytics

Our Analytics solutions help manage and analyze massive quantities of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, to reveal useful insights for strategic decision-making, revenue generation, and risk mitigation. Our offerings include predictive intelligence and analytics on cloud, mobile, digital, and social platforms.


Our Privacy solutions are aimed at helping companies protect data and enhance stakeholder trust. They are tailored to address gaps, increase efficiencies, and maximize the benefits of collecting, using, and sharing data.

Global Brand Reputation Strategy

Strengthen and protect your brands with timely, data-driven insights.

Leadership Development

Strengthen your leadership team to thrive in today’s dynamic markets and evolving organizations.

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