Financial Crimes

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is ready for a revolution.

As regulatory pressures continue to grow, the cost of compliance continues to reach new heights. One of the most significant costs involved with Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/AML compliance is the cost of staffing analysts to investigate transaction monitoring alerts - the vast majority of which are false positives - and to drive Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

The way forward is through innovation. Booz Allen’s innovative technology and consulting solutions revolutionize and transform the way that financial institutions approach BSA/AML compliance resulting in cost reduction, improved productivity, and enhanced regulatory compliance.


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Technology Product Suite

Learn about the technology products that Booz Allen has developed for Financial Crimes and how they fit your business.

Entity Enrichment Engine:
Automate Due Diligence

Our e3 is a “data-as-a-service” solution which is designed to speed up the process of KYC, negative news, watch-list, and network data collection.


Case Management Evolved

riskCanvas is an advanced case management / workflow application which supports KYC / EDD and alert / case investigation workflows through an intuitive user-interface.


FITINT Toolkit:
AML Big Data Analytics

FIT is a toolkit of Big Data technologies which has been architected to support financial intelligence analytics.


Differentiated Consulting Solutions

Booz Allen’s Financial Crime consulting services will help your institution recognize new levels of efficiency, better regulatory compliance, and reduce the overall cost of compliance.

Measure, Manage, and Mature

AML m3 is designed to help measure, mature, and manage your AML Program for optimized efficiency

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Realize, Rectify, and Revolutionize

AML r3 is designed to provide a strategic and advisory consulting to remediate negative AML regulatory findings.

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Transform Data Into Actionable Insights

AML DSA Consulting aims to help AML Programs better leverage the power of their data for compliance and efficiency.

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Enhance Training of AML Staff

Booz Allen’s ACAMS accredited AML training course is designed to enhance the understanding of AML staff by helping them understand the regulatory and law enforcement organizations which shape their everyday duties and consume their investigation outputs.

agencyInsight Training

agencyInsight is a training suite for AML programs within financial institutions which leverages the unrivaled government insight of Booz Allen.

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