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The retail industry is experiencing a revolution. In the new omni-channel environment, retailers are facing demands for convenience, value, and connected solutions—all to create the ultimate consumer experience.

This changing landscape creates a significant growth opportunity for smart retailers, but the benefits are matched by some daunting challenges. From cyber security to privacy, retail leaders must understand this revolution to reap its rewards while minimizing business threats.

Meeting change on so many fronts will lead some to play it safe, but today’s retail landscape doesn’t favor slow-developing strategies. Retailers need an agenda to excel—and win—now. The only way to thrive amid disruption is to take bold action with a focused agenda.

At Booz Allen, we think differently. We help clients re-imagine the market landscape to anticipate interdependencies created by new technology and respond. We are leaders in the emerging challenges facing industry—in cyber, analytics, privacy, and beyond. Our success is measured by our ability to help organizations transform to mitigate risk and realize market opportunity.


  • Analytics
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Global Privacy
  • Digital Marketing and Omni-Channel
  • Vendor Risk and Supply Chain Management
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise Resilience

Retail Reality Check

Booz Allen experts help retailers understand the intersection of innovative technology, data science, and cyber security to get ahead of the changes, the risks, and the competition with a few smart moves.

Find the Value in Data's Big Potential

Booz Allen Hamilton Commercial Solutions combines industry knowledge and relevant experience with the right people and technologies to reduce risk, improve quality, and increase profitability for your business. Together, we enable you to thrive— today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Building an Information Sharing and Analysis Center: A Blueprint for Success

Booz Allen created the ISAC Blueprint to outline the common building blocks necessary to create successful information sharing and analysis organizations.