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International Development and Diplomacy

Booz Allen assists governments in fostering prosperous economies and resilient, stable democracies. We work with government-sponsored agencies, development banks, nonprofit organizations, multilateral institutions, and foreign governments to improve the lives of citizens globally through local empowerment and development.

For nearly half a century, Booz Allen has addressed the world’s most complex development challenges. We help our clients resolve systemic global development needs with tailored strategies across the areas of trade, micro-enterprise, competitiveness, democracy and governance, judicial reform, economic integration, fiscal and monetary policy agenda-setting, tax reform, public health, privatization, infrastructure, and technology-based transformation. We provide thought leadership and apply management consulting know-how to the international development context, using integrated, transformational, and holistic methodologies. The US Agency for International Development (USAID), US Department of State, Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Bank, and international governments have recognized our engagements.

Our Work

Booz Allen helps clients build the social and political infrastructure necessary to enable economic growth and establish robust democratic institutions in countries worldwide. Learn more about some of our international development and diplomacy work:

  • Food Security—Booz Allen brings innovation, global networks, and capabilities in early warning, forecasting, and decision support to the food security effort. We have essential experience in agribusiness-enabling environmental assessment and supply chains, remote land monitoring and surveying, and advanced data modeling and scenario development.
  • Trade and Investment—Booz Allen works with governments and multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, to identify and provide trade and investment strategies. We worked with USAID to help modernize the customs system in El Salvador aimed at lifting barriers to trade and boosting domestic and foreign direct investments.

  • Organizational Strengthening—Booz Allen leverages its 65+ years of public sector experience toward improving accountability and efficiency through implementation of organizational best practices. We specialize in operational performance improvement through efficient organizational structure, revamped business processes, and development of well-trained and competent workforces.

  • Judicial Reform—Booz Allen works directly with governments and organizations, such USAID, to offer technical assistance in the area of judicial reform to modernize operations and ensure independent, transparent, and accessible court services for citizens, residents, and businesses. We aim to support the development of a more dynamic public and competitive private sector by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of judicial institutions, mechanisms, and processes that are essential to the increased growth of commerce and commercial enterprises.

  • Business Enabling Environment—Booz Allen supports governments in fostering economic growth. In Macedonia, we provided technical assistance to enhance the business climate through trade facilitation, capital investment and decentralization, and the development of pension and labor markets.

  • Monetary Policy—Booz Allen consults on governance structures and institutional change by introducing modern, streamlined policy and efficient systems. We helped establish financial sector governance in Indonesia to detect and prevent financial crimes.

  • Fiscal Policy— Booz Allen works directly with governments and organizations like USAID to develop beneficial policies and strategies that achieve economic objectives of price stability, full employment, and economic growth. On behalf of the USAID, Booz Allen has supported tax reform efforts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East North Africa region. For these efforts, Booz Allen is focused on redesigning core processes, incorporating international best practices, and upgrading information technology.

  • Public Health—Booz Allen partners with governments and nonprofit organizations to address critical public health challenges. We produced a strategic simulation in India on the HIV/AIDS epidemic for leaders in business, government, and civil society.

  • Information Technology—Booz Allen helps governments modernize and transform information systems to build and strengthen national infrastructures. We helped introduce modern and efficient technology-based management systems in the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

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Reimagining Homeland Security

Booz Allen is helping establish a framework to drive America's homeland security and law enforcement into the future.

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The Fire Within

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Holistic Cyber Risk Management Program Must “Predict and Prevent” in Today’s Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper

In response to IT and security leaders’ needs for information on how to more effectively maintain data integrity and security, Booz Allen has released the results of a company-sponsored IDC White Paper, “Shifting Risks and IT Complexities Create Demands for New Enterprise Security Strategies.”

The Fire Within

Booz Allen Executive Vice President Mark Gerencser articulates methods graduates can use to ignite their careers with passion and imagination in a commencement address to UMUC on April 14th, 2012.

Booz Allen: America Needs to Re-imagine Infrastructure to Enhance Economy, Global Competiveness, and National Security

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Booz Allen Wins Position on U.S. Department of Justice Contract to Support IT Modernization

Booz Allen Hamilton today announced it was named as a prime contractor on a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) contract to support DOJ as it modernizes information technology (IT) infrastructure across the law enforcement community.

MENA+SocialGood Global Virtual Interactive Summit

Commitment to Women's Careers
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Within the markets we serve we provide the following capabilities:

Management Consulting

Our consulting services to help clients define and achieve their strategic objectives, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization, and ensure the readiness and performance of their workforce. Learn More


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