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Financial Services

Booz Allen provides support to all federal finance and treasury organizations charged with the collection, management, and protection of the nation’s financial system. Such agencies include the US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Reserve Board and Banks, Securities Exchange Commission, and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

Building on our experience with government financial entities, the commercial financial services industry and federal finance operations, our staff has extensive background in commercial banking, capital markets, regulatory oversight, treasury payment systems, bank receivership, and supervision of financial institutions. We understand our clients’ missions, which allow us to create innovative approaches to some of their most challenging problems, from bank receivership to cash, and payment channel modernization to tax fraud criminal enforcement.

Our Capabilities

Booz Allen’s broad experience gained from working across a swath of government agencies and commercial financial institutions, combined with deep functional knowledge, provides the insight and understanding to help our federal finance clients meet the challenge of maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the US financial system. Our services include:

  • Assurance and Resilience
  • Bank Examination & Receivership Management and System Services
  • Cash and Payment Management System Services
  • Economics and Business Analysis
  • Information Technology
  • Intelligence and Operations Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Organization and Strategy
  • Performance-Based Application Portfolio Management
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Systems Engineering and Integration

Re-Imagining Infrastructure

Booz Allen is helping create the leadership, vision and knowledge to rebuild America’s infrastructureRead More

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national securityRead More

Anticipating Threats with Cyber4Sight™

Unmask hidden adversaries before they do harm.Read More

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Introduced in February 2014 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (“Framework”) offers organizations a standardized approach for managing cybersecurity activities and reducing cyber risk. In order to achieve these ends, the Framework is divided into three sections: the Framework Core, the Framework Profile, and the Framework Implementation Tiers.

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Incident Response – A Blueprint To Thrive In Today’s Cyber Environment

A well-designed, operational incident response (IR) plan can make the difference between weathering a cyber breach or suffering significant financial loss and reputational damage. If your company has not yet been compromised, it likely will be. Today’s leaders must be prepared to respond.

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5 Things About Third Party Risk Management

Companies often find themselves struggling to maintain a vigilant third party risk management program because of the difficulties in obtaining timely and insightful information and the complexity of consistently translating that information into risk decisions aligned with corporate risk appetite. 

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BAH CloudM

Introduced in February 2014 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (“Framework”) offers organizations a standardized approach for managing cybersecurity activities and reducing cyber risk. In order to achieve these ends, the Framework is divided into three sections: the Framework Core, the Framework Profile, and the Framework Implementation Tiers.

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Sales & Revenue Analytics

Customer procurement departments are transitioning from a push method of gathering product information—directly asking sales people about products—to a pull method—searching manufacturer websites for product information. This trend poses both risks and opportunities for companies—both of which can be addressed with the right analytical tools. 

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Tips for Building a Data Science Capability

Many Many organizations believe in the power and potential of data science but are challenged in establishing a sustainable data science capability. How do organizations embed data science across their enterprise so that it can deliver the next level of organizational performance and return on investment? 

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Managing Technological Change

Technology is a powerfacul force, enabling efficient corporate enterprise growth when properly employed.

Five Profiles of Organizations on a Journey to Analytics-Driven Decisions

This white paper provides insight into how organizations can restart their progress in achieving analytics based decision-making.

Digital Forensics—Digital Evidence That Endures

With cyber malicious activity becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted, digital forensics teams fall farther and farther behind their response demands. Booz Allen can provide lift and support through a myriad of highly effective digital forensics capabilities.

Financial Integrity Services

Our financial integrity experts combine problem-solving orientation with deep technical knowledge to help clients manage evolving risks, maximize resources, combat financial crimes and fraud, and cost-effectively improve business and mission success.


Cyber Solutions Network Brochure

It takes a network of cyber resources to defend a network, which is why the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network offers clients access to thousands of cyber experts, proven technologies, and the latest training resources, available at any time, from any location.

Cyber People Development: Recruits to Fill Mission Gap

Booz Allen’s Cyber People Development offering helps  organizations to develop, assess, and analyze a competency model to assist in determining which candidates best fill critical cyber mission gaps.

Economic and Business Analysis (EBA)

Compliance with legislation, ongoing eGov initiatives, and other internal and external drivers are changing the face of the federal financial community and how it does business.

Data Science Delivery Model

The Data Science Delivery Model provides a visual representation of how to create a culture of data science within an agency or organization.

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Program Must “Predict and Prevent” in Today’s Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper

In response to IT and security leaders’ needs for information on how to more effectively maintain data integrity and security, Booz Allen has released the results of a company-sponsored IDC White Paper, “Shifting Risks and IT Complexities Create Demands for New Enterprise Security Strategies.”

Booz Allen Announces Top 10 Financial Services Cyber Risk Trends for 2013

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) today released the Top 10 Financial Services Cyber Security Trends for 2013 which follows the first annual list published in 2012. Since then, the industry has experienced a number of high-profile attacks, such as the DDoS attacks on US commercial banks and the New York Stock Exchange.

Booz Allen Hamilton Announces Results of First-Ever “Wargame” Examining Future of US Infrastructure In 2040

On July 24th, Booz Allen Hamilton concluded the first-ever “wargame” simulation examining creative infrastructure initiatives and solutions that factor in US transportation needs by the year 2040.

Booz Allen: America Needs to Re-imagine Infrastructure to Enhance Economy, Global Competiveness, and National Security

As the nation prepares to hear President Obama deliver his annual State of the Union address, Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) outlined essential items that must be included in any national discussion about the nation’s aging infrastructure.

Booz Allen Hamilton Launches Cyber Solutions Network

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) today launched the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network™ capabilities, delivered through a constellation of cyber centers, labs, and stations that bring extensive services, technologies, and the vital expertise of the highest-trained cyber experts to the firm’s government and commercial clients – no matter where they’re located.

Booz Allen Reports Top Ten Cyber Security Trends for Financial Services in 2012

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) today cited increased cyber threats to senior executives, the impact of organized crime and mobile device security as among the Top 10 Financial Services Cyber Security Trends that will make 2012 a pivotal year for banks and investment firms as they try to stay ahead of the IT security curve.
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Within the markets we serve we provide the following capabilities:

Management Consulting

Our consulting services to help clients define and achieve their strategic objectives, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization, and ensure the readiness and performance of their workforce. Learn More


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