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Civilian Government Agencies

Achieving Civilian Government Missions through Efficiency and Innovation

Whether ensuring citizen safety, security, and well-being or boosting our national competitiveness, Booz Allen works shoulder-to-shoulder with civilian government clients to help them deliver on their public service missions.

Booz Allen helps civilian government leaders make smart connections and better decisions inside and outside of their organizations – decisions that are supported by world-class technology, strategy and organization, advanced analytics, and operations services.

Our work spans the full breadth of civilian government, including energy and the environment, financial services, health, homeland security, law enforcement, transportation, grants, international development and diplomacy, and benefits and entitlements.

The professionals at Booz Allen help civilian government agencies tackle their most complex challenges, such as reforming financial regulatory oversight, evolving our healthcare system, improving information sharing and mission integration among law enforcement organizations, strengthening cybersecurity, improving energy efficiency, supporting green building initiatives, and implementing our nation’s Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Food and Drug Administration

Booz Allen’s work with FDA and pharmaceutical industry helped identify ways to expedite application review and ensure medical products reach patients.Read More

President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Booz Allen Hamilton works with Supply Chain Management System to develop supply chain for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.Read More

Residential Healthcare Facility

A new strategy enables facility to continue its long history of quality services and care.Read More

Safeguarding the Delivery of Childhood Vaccines

Booz Allen helped the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) simplify funding processes and supply chains to generate program savings.Read More

Global Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Broad partnership helps improve understanding of HIV/AIDS impacts in India, identify areas for collaboration, and mobilize private and public resources.Read More

The Booz Allen Socio-Cultural Development Center (SCDC)

Addressing the multiple forces that shape events, cause conflict, and create human suffering.Read More Easy Access to Benefits Information

Booz Allen Hamilton creates site, a one stop portal providing citizens with integrated repository of benefits and entitlement information.Read More

Charting a Course for the Future of Air Transportation

Booz Allen works with Federal Aviation Administration to define how Next Generation Air Transportation System will evolve.Read More

Federal Partnerships for Homeland Defense and Security

Creating a robust homeland infrastructure database through cross-government partnerships and information-sharing.Read More

Risk-Based Safety Oversight for the FAA

Booz Allen helps FAA integrate safety management systems, design new methodologies and systems, and implement the changes.Read More

The US Green Building Council

USGBC turned to Booz Allen to find a way to meet the demand for LEED certification and support its broader mission of encouraging sustainable building practices.Read More

Streamlining Disability Benefits Adjudication

Booz Allen works with agency to streamline citizen case processing and provide faster assistance to those with financial and medical problems.Read More

Designing the Right Inventory Strategy

Booz Allen Hamilton helps manufacturer improve operational performance without increasing inventory costs.Read More

Dynamic Macro-Economic Impact Modeling

Booz Allen Hamilton's Dynamic Macro-Economic Impact Modeling helps agencies understand economic impact of decisions.Read More

Capacity and Resource Planning to Combat Pandemic Influenza

Discover why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working with the Association of Public Health Laboratories, called on Booz Allen to provide a quantitative assessment of laborator capacity during an influenza pandemic.Read More

Engaging the Military Health Community through Social Media

The Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS) engaged Booz Allen to introduce next-generation communication tools.Read More

Empowering Patient-Centricity

Achieving the goals of health reform begins with rethinking how to view patients as the focal point of tomorrow’s health system.Read More

Sustainability Practices and Services

Sustainability practices and services help organizations make green choices.Read More

Re-Imagining Infrastructure

Booz Allen is helping create the leadership, vision and knowledge to rebuild America’s infrastructureRead More

Leading for Employee Motivation

Leaders can more effectively motivate their teams using tools and insights from Booz Allen.Read More

Collaborative Cybersecurity

Developing the Cyber Operations Maturity FrameworkRead More

Disaster Preparedness Planning and Exercises

Disaster preparedness exercises achieve success through Booz Allen's tailored, reality-based approach.Read More

Leveraging Advanced Data Collection and Analysis to Reduce Client Risks

Helping Hospitals Measure Efficacy of Treatment Standards and Improve Detection of Healthcare Associated InfectionsRead More

Cyber Resilience

Building a Dynamic Defense Against a Growing ThreatRead More

Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network

It Takes a Network to Defend a NetworkRead More

CyberM³: Enabling Your Enterprise

CyberM3 Empowers Business by Measuring, Managing,and Maturing Information Security in Your OperationsRead More

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national securityRead More

Bringing Infrastructure into the 21st Century

Rethinking the form, fit, and function of the nation’s infrastructureRead More

Accelerating Leadership Development

Booz Allen helped a federal government agency accelerate the development of their current and future leaders using a cutting-edge leadership simulation to help leaders.Read More

Transforming the National Airspace System

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Engineering Experts Integrate the New Systems, Policies, Procedures, and Training for the FAARead More

Improving Public Safety with Analytics

Booz Allen’s innovative approach to a national priority with ICE earns prestigious INFORMS analytics award.Read More

An Intelligence-Driven Approach
to Cybersecurity

Actionable Intelligence Key to Keeping Several Steps Ahead of Cyber AdversariesRead More

Anticipating Threats with Cyber4Sight™

Unmask hidden adversaries before they do harm.Read More

Saving Lives with Mission-Critical Solutions

Panama CIty Joins Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering ServicesRead More

Turning Big Data into Big Insights

Leverage the power of our Cloud Analytics Reference ArchitectureRead More

Wind Energy Impact on Air Surveillance Radar

Booz Allen's Physics-Based Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Efforts to Quantify the Impact of Wind Farms on Domestic RadarRead More

Capacity and Resource Planning

Discover why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working with the Association of Public Health Laboratories, called on Booz Allen to provide a quantitative assessment of laborator capacity during an influenza pandemic.Read More

Evacuation Planning and Operations

Booz Allen's proven methodology for emergency planning involves an integrated, coordinated, and structured approach to developing, implementing, and improving plans and procedures.Read More

Regional Homeland Security Operations

Booz Allen Hamilton, is committed to enhancing the ability of regional partners to execute their operations, response missions, and preparedness activities.Read More

Catastrophic Planning

Booz Allen Hamilton can help build your catastrophic planning capability to ultimately enhance local, state, regional, and national preparedness.Read More

National Health Security Preparedness Index

With the support of the CDC, ASTHO sought to develop the first annual measure of health security and preparedness at the national and state levels to assess progress and sustainment of capabilities.Read More

Protecting Public Health

Discover how Booz Allen's multidisciplinary team of scientists work with public health clients in support of the fight against infectious diseases, food-borne illnesses and bioterrorist threats.Read More

Saving Lives Through Revolutionizing Public Health Response

Booz Allen worked hand-in-hand with CBER to revolutionize its response capabilities with an IT infrastructure and integrated systems.Read More

Driving Change Through Health Communications

Booz Allen works with clients to design and deliver integrated, high-impact health awareness campaigns.Read More

Long-term Partnership Enhances Public Health and Safety

Booz Allen has partnered with the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research to modernize its IT portfolio and give reviewers the post-market data and advanced analytical capabilities they need.Read More

Transforming the Vaccine Management Supply Chain

Booz Allen has helped transform the CDC’s publicly funded vaccine management model from decentralized inefficiency into a centralized management system that enables better oversight.Read More

The TrustMarket Project

Creating a Vibrant Marketplace for Online Identity Verification

Read More

Policy Mapping and Analytics

Using Policy Mapping and Analytics to Understand Complex Policy Envrionments and Improve Decision-Making

Read More

Natural Treasures: History Proves Conservation Must Not be Compromised

SVP Peter Trick suggests using a Megacommunity approach to conservation and sustainabilty in the Washington Post's Environmental Leadership special report published April 20th, 2011.

Read More

Cyber Training: Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Analysts

Strategies and best practices for developing a cyber force that maintains America’s position as a global leader in the information age.

Read More

Leading for Employee Motivation

New Booz Allen study reveals information leaders can use to motivate employees in the workplace.

Read More

Building a Business Ecosystem for Energy Efficiency: Turning Savings into Value

Building a business ecosystem for Energy Efficiency (EE) through new and innovative partnerships can help realize the true potential of a market that so far has not been able to sustain its growth.
Read More

Rapid Prototyping IMB

Rapid Prototyping will allow federal users and operators to quickly and cost-effectively obtain vital solutions to fulfill urgent missions. The new role for Rapid Prototyping meets a crucial requirement as the federal government must now rapidly respond to unpredictable emerging threats such as irregular warfare and international crime within the constraints of reduced fiscal resources.

Community-Based Collaboration in Support of Military Families

Booz Allen partnered with local nonprofit organizations nationwide to host a series of summits that explored community-based collaborative approaches to caring for our military families.


Financial Integrity Services

Our financial integrity experts combine problem-solving orientation with deep technical knowledge to help clients manage evolving risks, maximize resources, combat financial crimes and fraud, and cost-effectively improve business and mission success.


Analytics Signature Service Offerings

We deliver powerful cloud, decision, and mission analytic capabilities across our deep domain expertise in the defense, intelligence, and civilian government markets and commercial industries.

Booz Allen Engineering Services

Global Integrated Solutions Based on Technical Excellence and Mission Insight


Engineering Services: Incorporating New Technologies While Decreasing Costs

Booz Allen’s Engineering Services delivers rapid, tailored, secure, and sound solutions
for engineering and scientific efforts for its defense and civilian government clients.

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Ron Sanders, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Ron Sanders comments on a new report from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton, that says the government needs to be more attuned to the private sector.

Supervisors Hold the Keys To The New World Order

A new civil service report from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton emphasizes the vital importance of managers and supervisors on an organization’s success.

Public Sector Slowly Embracing Cloud And Open Source

At the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, Jarid Cottrell and Nirmal Mehta discuss cloud adoption and deployment in the public sector.

National Public Health Month 2014

In recognition of National Public Health Week (April 7-11) and all month long, we are sharing case studies of results-driven client engagements, featuring thought leaders in health and health care, and highlighting events linked to public health issues.

Booz Allen Hamilton Recognizes Prevention and Preparedness During Public Health Week

Throughout the month of April, Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) is proud to support National Public Health Week, an initiative sponsored by the American Public Health Association (APHA).  

Government IT News For VARs

Peter Guerra comments on the challenges faced by government agencies as they balance security and public perception around uses of Big Data
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Within the markets we serve we provide the following capabilities:

Management Consulting

Our consulting services to help clients define and achieve their strategic objectives, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization, and ensure the readiness and performance of their workforce. Learn More


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Providing advanced technology consulting services to help clients meet mission-critical objectives. Learn More