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Do you have a passion for solving large, data complex problems? And the expertise to transform “big data” into mission success while balancing network and policy analytics, malware detection, and financial integrity?

At Booz Allen, you can make an impact by innovating the way today’s leaders use data to make decisions about the world’s biggest, most pressing challenges, including:

  • detecting tax fraud and abuse
  • reducing healthcare costs
  • cybersecurity
  • improving defense and intelligence analysis.

This is only part of what our Cloud-based Services professionals accomplish―focusing on answers to our client’s data-driven challenges. Our experts employ a dynamic matrix of cloud-based strategies and capabilities to provide integrated end-to-end solutions. By focusing on both top and bottom line business performance and adaptive engagement models, our coordinated approach helps clients to select the appropriate Cloud Strategy, establish a Cloud Infrastructure, enable Cloud Analytics, and meet needs for Cloud Applications and Data Management.

Leveraging domain expertise, cybersecurity know-how, advanced analytical techniques, and an understanding of cloud infrastructure, we help clients address their toughest data problems.

At Booz Allen, you’ll work with a team that merges cloud technology with the most advanced analytic techniques and is comprised of talented, highly skilled individuals working collaboratively to provide thought leadership and innovation to help drive the leading edge in Cloud-based Services. Our data scientists and cloud-based professionals work on our client’s most challenging problems, not just to solve them, but to find the meaning behind data, deriving insights for decisions that will shape the future.

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Understanding and Leveraging Big Data in Health Care

Joachim Roski gave a lecture about big data as a part of the Healthy Health Policy Lunch & Lecture Series sponsored by the University of Texas. 

Booz Allen Hamilton Launches Explore Data Science to Address Rapidly Growing Shortage of Data Scientists

Booz Allen Hamilton today announced the release of its Explore Data Science online training program, a self-paced, hands-on course geared toward all levels of data science proficiency – from introductory to professional.

4 Weeks to Analytic Wow! The Booz Allen IVADS™ Model

Booz Allen Hamilton is well versed in delivering pragmatic change and a pioneer in developing high impact Data Science programs. Learn to go from woe to WOW in just 4 weeks!

Enhanced Due Diligence Dashboard

As criminal enterprises become more technologically savvy, methods for fighting financial crime quickly become outdated. It doesn't take long for them to figure out how to circumvent "the system".

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data

Booz Allen experts discuss transforming healthcare with Big Data in a July 2014 Health Affairs Article "Creating Value in Health Care Through Big Data: Opportunities and Policy Implications."
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