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Do you have a passion for solving large, data complex problems? And the expertise to transform “big data” into mission success while balancing network and policy analytics, malware detection, and financial integrity?

At Booz Allen, you can make an impact by innovating the way today’s leaders use data to make decisions about the world’s biggest, most pressing challenges, including:

  • detecting tax fraud and abuse
  • reducing healthcare costs
  • cybersecurity
  • improving defense and intelligence analysis.

This is only part of what our Cloud-based Services professionals accomplish―focusing on answers to our client’s data-driven challenges. Our experts employ a dynamic matrix of cloud-based strategies and capabilities to provide integrated end-to-end solutions. By focusing on both top and bottom line business performance and adaptive engagement models, our coordinated approach helps clients to select the appropriate Cloud Strategy, establish a Cloud Infrastructure, enable Cloud Analytics, and meet needs for Cloud Applications and Data Management.

Leveraging domain expertise, cybersecurity know-how, advanced analytical techniques, and an understanding of cloud infrastructure, we help clients address their toughest data problems.

At Booz Allen, you’ll work with a team that merges cloud technology with the most advanced analytic techniques and is comprised of talented, highly skilled individuals working collaboratively to provide thought leadership and innovation to help drive the leading edge in Cloud-based Services. Our data scientists and cloud-based professionals work on our client’s most challenging problems, not just to solve them, but to find the meaning behind data, deriving insights for decisions that will shape the future.

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Booz Allen Announces “Virtual Cloud Defense” Product Aimed at Protecting Vulnerable Application Workloads in the Public Cloud

The benefits of using cloud computing are significant. However, organizations must ensure they implement robust cloud security controls to deter new cyber-attacks that emerge on a daily basis. To help companies protect their cloud-hosted workloads, Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) introduced the Virtual Cloud Defense, an integrated cloud security suite composed of best of breed commercial off the shelf (COTS), open source, and Booz Allen developed security products.

Securing and Enabling Data Driven Oil Fields:A Look at the Key Drivers and Critical Success Factorsof Operationalizing Digital Oil Fields

Technological advancements in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry have allowed for the execution of increasingly complex projects. These projects enable the rapid and reliable recovery of hydrocarbons in even the most challenging environments.

Data Science Maturity: Tapping the Collective Wisdom of Your Data

The step-by-step process through which an organization gradually gains more knowledge about its data to create new opportunities and solve complex problems.

Project Jellyfish 2.0: The Next Step for Cloud Brokering

Booz Allen’s cloud broker team has released Project Jellyfish 2.0.

Understanding and Leveraging Big Data in Health Care

Joachim Roski gave a lecture about big data as a part of the Healthy Health Policy Lunch & Lecture Series sponsored by the University of Texas. 
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