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Do you have a passion for statistical analysis, big data analytics, pattern recognition, forecasting techniques, predictive modeling, modeling and simulation, operations research, data mining, data visualization, or other quantitative analysis techniques?

At Booz Allen you could use those skills to make an impact, to transform the way today’s leaders use data to make decisions about the world’s biggest, most complex challenges, such as effective healthcare research and delivery, efficient use of scarce natural resources, cybersecurity, data integration across defense and intelligence communities, military investment strategies, next generation transportation technologies, and financial stability.

Decision makers have collected huge amounts of data about all facets of these challenges. They now need new analytic approaches to leveraging all of the information and knowledge contained in the data to find the best answers.

That’s what we do in Analytics—develop innovative approaches to make sense out of all of the data and find the hidden patterns and structures that enable better decisions and help make a difference for generations to come—in healthcare, finance, transportation, energy, environment, cybersecurity, and defense.

At Booz Allen, you’ll work with some of the world’s top thought leaders in Analytics. You’ll be encouraged to refine your skills, develop new interests, become a subject matter expert, and even grow a business around a cutting edge new field. Regardless of the path you follow, you’ll make a real impact on the way our clients fulfill their missions.

Analytics professionals work on our clients’ most challenging problems, not just to solve them, but to create lasting results—to find the meaning behind data and offer insights for decisions that will shape the future.

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Securing and Enabling Data Driven Oil Fields:A Look at the Key Drivers and Critical Success Factorsof Operationalizing Digital Oil Fields

Technological advancements in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry have allowed for the execution of increasingly complex projects. These projects enable the rapid and reliable recovery of hydrocarbons in even the most challenging environments.

Data Science Maturity: Tapping the Collective Wisdom of Your Data

The step-by-step process through which an organization gradually gains more knowledge about its data to create new opportunities and solve complex problems.

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data

Booz Allen experts discuss transforming healthcare with Big Data in a July 2014 Health Affairs Article "Creating Value in Health Care Through Big Data: Opportunities and Policy Implications."

Booz Allen Cloud Solutions – Our Capability Based Approach

Booz Allen Hamilton offers an integrated suite of cloud capabilities, deep subject matter expertise, and un-paralleled hands-on experience with a broad range of cloud technology products.

Smart Data

Empowering Smart Decision-Making in the Federal Government
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