Booz Allen Hamilton

Why Do I Have to Create a Profile on Your Web Site?

For recruiters, the tools provide a better way to collect and filter information about candidates. For qualified job-seekers, the tools provide a better opportunity to stand-out from other applicants. And everyone benefits from the reduced "cycle time" from job posting to job hire.

Online Job Application Tools

Online pre-screening application tools are devised to help large companies better manage the deluge of resumes they receive, ensuring that all applicant information sent to them electronically is entered into their databases in real time and in such a way that each resume can be matched with any number of openings company wide.

Creating a Personal Profile

Job seekers answer a standardized questionnaire and either enter or cut and paste their resume into their profile. Weighted criteria for experience, skills, and competencies creates a scoring system that pushes the most qualified applicants for any given job to the top of recruiters' lists.

By creating a profile on our site, job seekers will increase the likelihood of a recruiter matching their profile to a specific opportunity with Booz Allen. We recommend that in addition to creating a profile on our site, job seekers match themselves with a specific job opportunity. This added step will increase a job seeker's chance of having their credentials reviewed against positions that interest them.

Streamlined Process Benefits Companies and Job Seekers

Job seekers who are the most qualified and suited for a particular job will have an added benefit if they are asked to submit a profile: The system will immediately note the match and push their names to the top of the recruiter's list. Without a profiling system, job hunters may not have the opportunity to answer the questions that would alert a recruiter to a match with a specific position, and their resumes could fall anywhere in a stack of countless others.