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The history of Colorado is the history of the expansion of the United States. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers passed through looking for El Dorado.

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Centuries later, the territory was part of the Louisiana Purchase. The Gold Rush brought settlement.

Today, that history still resonates in a state inviting for its livability and professional opportunities. The varied terrain of the state from the flatlands of the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West appeal to bikers, hikers, skiers, and other outdoors enthusiasts. The cities of Denver and Colorado Springs, where Booz Allen has offices, offer a combination of affordable, family-friendly neighborhoods and urban culture.

We serve Booz Allen’s primary client, the U.S. Air Force, with a range of capabilities in the information assurance, cyber, and systems engineering arenas.

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Five Profiles of Organizations on a Journey to Analytics-Driven Decisions

This white paper provides insight into how organizations can restart their progress in achieving analytics based decision-making.

Booz Allen Cybersecurity Twitter Chat

Booz Allen will host its first Twitter chat discussion on Thursday, February 20, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. ET using the hashtag #CyberChat.

Improving Resiliency in Functional & Access Needs Population

A preparedness community event used Design Thinking to address resiliency challenges for people with functional and access needs.

Catastrophic Planning

Booz Allen Hamilton can help build your catastrophic planning capability to ultimately enhance local, state, regional, and national preparedness.

Regional Homeland Security Operations

Booz Allen Hamilton, is committed to enhancing the ability of regional partners to execute their operations, response missions, and preparedness activities.
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