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Christopher Ling

Executive Vice President

An Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton, Christopher Ling leads the firm’s international business providing a range of services to the public and commercial/private sectors of several countries (services include: strategy and policy, digital, strategic innovation and software development, technology and analytics, operations, human capital and learning, and engineering services).

Prior to leading the international business, Mr. Ling led the Cyber business across the full spectrum of capabilities, including Computer Network Exploit, Computer Network Attack, and Computer Network Defense. He has developed new and innovative cyber capabilities, which leverage lessons learned from the national intelligence community for application to commercial businesses, focusing on cyber maturity models, predictive intelligence, and network emulations.

Mr. Ling specializes in developing high-level strategies to innovate and improve intelligence support to operations, focusing on quantifying investments to create new value and improve capabilities. He has 25 years of experience managing intelligence and information technology system concept definition, trade analyses, requirements, modeling, and simulations at both the programmatic and the detailed technical levels. He has extensive experience in task leadership and program management, including technical oversight of large-sized technical staffs, financial management, and contract compliance. Additional experience includes analysis and development of decision support system models; development, testing and integration of analytical simulations; and the application of commercial best practices for information management, in new initiatives, i.e., predictive analysis, persistent surveillance, self-aware sensors, dynamic queuing, and content management.

For national-level clients, Mr. Ling has created integrated strategies and budgets in the transformation of the National Security Community, including its organizations, people, processes, and technologies through performance plans, capital planning, operational architectures, and investment control. He has created new planning models that ensure continuous alignment of programs and resources against strategic objectives, i.e., pre-emptive operations, continuous transformation, and effects-based operations.

For commercial clients, Mr. Ling has expertise leading projects to re-engineer large organizations and implement state-of-the-art information technology. These efforts have focused on capturing current information architectures and developing alternatives to evaluate future investments and implementing advanced technologies to achieve improved performance based on industry best practices. His analysis focuses on developing and applying system dynamic modeling techniques to measure performance enhancements and financial benefits. This process serves as an audit trail for recommending improvements and performing cost benefit analyses. The results of these analyses are used to plan financial and development needs for an overarching re-organization initiative with an implementation plan.

He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Cambridge University.

Profile updated March 2016

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Christopher Ling