Booz Allen Hamilton

Treasure Life’s Characters

Building Excellence over Time

Booz Allen’s centennial year centers on the theme “Start with Character”—one of the core consulting values penned by our founder, Edwin Booz. But how exactly does one develop personal character? Our Chairman and CEO Ralph Shrader believes that character is built through the influences of certain people—the characters you surround yourself with at various times and places in your life.

Commemorating 100 Years with Ed Talks

In that spirit, our employees have the opportunity to participate in several “Ed Talks” during Booz Allen’s centennial year. These town halls combine the power of founder Ed Booz’s ideas with insights from our current leaders. In the first of four Ed Talks, Dr. Shrader recently shared stories about the characters who have shaped who he is today and some lessons he learned from them, including:

  • Hire people who are smarter than you
  • Maintain personal contact and connectivity
  • Master constructive dissent
  • Be a decisive leader
  • Do the right thing.


Reflecting on a Century of Lessons Learned

Turning 100 is a rare and remarkable milestone for any organization. But we see it as more than just a celebratory occasion—it’s an opportunity to reflect on what’s gone, what’s still here, and what’s next. It reminds us that we’re doing something right, and that we should keep doing those things that result in success for our clients, our business, and ourselves. Turning 100 opens a new door full of prospect for how the next century will present us with more opportunities to positively impact the world around us.

Reflect for a moment on the characters in your life who have helped you form your core values and personal character. Treasure them… for that is the best place to start.