Booz Allen Hamilton

Reach Forward

Building a Culture of Innovation


Over the course of a century, a lot has changed at Booz Allen. Some of the most important things, however, have stayed the same. For 100 years, innovation has been central to solving our clients’ most complex challenges. And that innovative, inventive, and creative mindset is here to stay. At the core of our delivery, it will continue to guide us as we reach forward to the next century.

In the firm’s fourth “Ed Talk,” Executive Vice President and Strategic Innovation Group leader Karen Dahut discusses how Booz Allen has reignited the idea of innovation creativity across the entire institution. By treating innovation as a no-kidding discipline that begins with a clear and focused agenda, we are constructing tailored solutions for our clients’ problems. We also realize that “innovation” is a big, broad term that does not exist only inside Booz Allen’s walls. So we’re collaborating with key external communities to better each other’s innovation game. Innovation is not our end goal—our goal is to continue to be creative and inventive while creating value for our clients.




For Karen, public service is a family affair. In the video, she shares how her time serving the US Navy—as well as her father’s 46-years of service—has had a significant influence on her. She even admits that her father has caused her to be “chronically early” to everything throughout her life as a result of him always saying, “If you’re not early, you’re late.” He would also tell her, “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey and the adventure in getting there.” Join us on our journey into the next century of client service excellence. Karen’s belief that our best years are in front of us serves as a call to action, with everyone in Booz Allen stepping up to the challenge—including Karen herself. And yes, she will be arriving early.