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Partner in Ethics Program

The Booz Allen Partner in Ethics Program Overview

The Booz Allen Partner in Ethics Program represents the firm’s commitment to encourage business ethics through its supply chain by providing benefits to entities doing business with the firm that have instituted values-based ethics programs. This is part of our commitment to our clients to embody our Core Values in all that we do.

This voluntary program is available to all subcontractors and significant vendors (i.e., companies with whom the firm anticipates repetitive or expected ordering activity of $150,000 or more over an annual period). The program promotes contracting with organizations that share our commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity by providing them:

  • Increased visibility to key staff via a Partner in Ethics designation on appropriate Booz Allen internal sites
  • Streamlined processes for obtaining new work from the firm —as the Partner in Ethics designation may reduce the amount of ethics and compliance-related documentation for individual engagements
  • Appropriate consideration during the negotiation or awarding of a subcontract or purchase order

To be eligible for the Booz Allen Partner in Ethics program, the only criterion is that you have a formal ethics program that you are willing to document to the firm, or in the case of small businesses, are willing to adopt applicable standards of conduct, reporting tools, and training for your staff performing work for Booz Allen. While participation in this program is currently optional, we encourage suppliers interested in doing business with us to embrace this opportunity to demonstrate the strong ethical values that have been the foundation of Booz Allen’s success for more than 100 years.

For Additional Information

The Partner in Ethics Program is currently on haitus while the program's content is being refreshed. Current partners are still active in the program, but we are not accepting new applications at this time. Please check back again. If you have immediate questions, contact [email protected].