Booz Allen Hamilton

Wireless Telecommunications Expense Management Services (TEMS)

Government and large enterprises have rapidly adopted wireless and mobile communications to support mission objectives in operational, strategic, and tactical environments. This surge in demand for wireless telecom services and devices has created new challenges for many organizations. Unlike wireline services, where reliable controls are in place, the acquisition of wireless telecom services and devices often occurs in a highly decentralized manner with limited visibility to wireless spending and asset inventories. Common organizational challenges—and opportunities—include a requirement to: 

  • Employ procurement and financial management systems that manage telecom spend for wireless services, devices, and accessories from source-to-pay
  • Develop and implement organizational policies that enforce operational, financial, and security controls
  • Evaluate a multitude of service plans and contract vehicles (e.g., FTS2001, Networx) to determine best value
  • Establish and maintain an accurate inventory of wireless devices and services
  • Monitor spending levels, service line counts, and other measurable indicators to maximize perform-ance of wireless service contracts and agreements
  • Automate procurement transactions across multiple wireless carriers
  • Identify and resolve billing discrepancies through invoice management and audit