Booz Allen Hamilton

Office of Personnel Management's Training & Management Assistance Program (OPM TMA)

Booz Allen is nationally recognized as an industry leader and a human capital consultant of choice, with an unparalleled reputation as an honest broker.  We bring our capabilities and tailored solutions to clients by:

  • Leveraging a century of experience as a consulting firm and our long history of serving the  Federal Government
  • Providing “integrated delivery teams” to support agency clients, combining human capital expertise with agency-specific experience
  • Using our cadre of hundreds of experienced, credentialed human capital and learning experts
  • Building on nearly a quarter century as a partner with TMA and its customer agencies—a partnership that provides strategic human capital management solutions to help them cost-effectively meet their performance objectives.

Why Booz Allen

Booz Allen has had early and sustained impact on the transformation of human capital in the Federal Government.  We helped OPM develop the first version of the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF) and have enabled numerous agencies to get from “red” to “green.”  We have been routinely selected to address the most challenging human capital problems and have led three of the four major human capital transformation efforts in the Federal Government that have occurred in the past decade (i.e., Internal Revenue Service [IRS], Department of Homeland Security [DHS], and the Office of the Director for National Intelligence [ODNI]).  We develop solutions that are consistent with federal laws and regulations yet also allow agencies to take advantage of results-oriented personnel flexibilities. These critical engagements have established Booz Allen as a human capital consultant of choice—as has our proven track record and our awards and recognition for providing innovative solutions, for over a quarter century, across hundreds of human capital projects to nearly all federal agencies.

  • Credibility in Meeting TMA’s Program Objectives 
    • We are currently serving as a contractor to and partner with OPM TMA on both the human capital and training contracts, and have done so since its inception 20+ years ago. 
  • Dedicated Business Area focusing on Strategic Human Capital Management
    • We have a business specifically focused on delivering human capital and learning services to both the private and public sector, giving us the ability to leverage best practices from both.
    • This business segment is led by partners and senior managers who are human capital experts.
    • We have a business structure that allows us to apply a holistic perspective to strategic human capital management—focusing on agency and human capital strategy and performance, information technology (IT), and business processes.
  • Depth of Expertise
    • We have the largest contingent of human capital resources in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area—90 percent hold advanced degrees; more than 28 percent hold security clearances; and more than 30 percent have certifications from professional organizations, some of whom hold leadership positions within those organizations, serve on panels, and deliver presentations to the international HR community.

TMA and Booz Allen Partnership

We are proud of our 20+ year successful partnership with OPM under the TMA vehicle.  An outcome of this relationship and our role as key human capital and training provider is that Booz Allen has become intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities presented by the contract.  The contract and its procedures are fairly unique in the government environment and well tailored to client agencies—it affords agencies speed in addressing their urgent requirements, flexibility to modify the plan as their requirements evolve, and support with their contracting roles via the TMA–client agency agreement.  Booz Allen has the experience with TMA and many other large contract vehicles (e.g., GSA, MOBIS, IT) to ensure success in effectively managing TMA’s client agency projects.  Our program management systems and processes have allowed us to manage about 2,000 engagements year, nearly 100 percent of which are delivered on time, within budget, and result in full award fees. 

Blended Solutions

A majority of human capital initiatives  fail due to a static one dimensional view of human capital.  Too often a “one size fits all” approach is used where the same steps are reused regardless of the type of project and provide poor value to the client.   Too much time is spent force fitting an initiative into one area exclusively (i.e., either human capital or learning) resulting in  poor allocation of the clients resources. Our experience has led us to believe a more optimal approach  is to “blend” human capital and learning functional areas to provide a more complete solution. Blended solutions are an interwoven mix of human capital and learning capabilities to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing agencies people-related challenges. 

We frequently see the impact of developing fragmented solutions when integrated solutions are critical, because only one stakeholder (HR or Training) had involvement or interest in shaping and implementing recommendations for increasing performance.  We have also experienced that isolated human capital or learning solutions often uncover a need for organizational culture, design/structure and strategy interventions to resolve the systemic challenges organizations face that prevent or preclude fundamental performance improvement.

We have successfully partnered with clients to develop and implement blended solutions.  At the Defense Contract Management Agency, we originally focused on developing competencies, identify workforce competency gaps, and creating solutions.  This effort grew into mapping learning opportunities to each competency and creating the backbone data to serve as the foundation for a Learning Management System.  As an outgrowth from those activities, the effort culminated in creating career paths and comprehensive career guides for every career field in the Agency.  Without having an understanding of the intersections between human capital and learning and how they can be combined to increase the effectiveness of an initiative, multiple procurements may have been required and, even more dramatically, the up front data collected in the competency modeling exercises may have proved incomplete or unusable for the subsequent downstream efforts.

As a result, Booz Allen Hamilton’s views that providing blended solutions to the federal government optimizes the benefits associated with solutions, encourages collaboration and the development of shared solutions across internal “people” systems, and allows the government to purchase end-to-end human capital/learning system and change solutions.