Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen's Service Offerings

The table below highlights some of Booz Allen services offered through this contract vehicle. Booz Allen’s team of professionals is highly skilled in all aspects of strategic communications, from marketing and advertising to information management and public information. We provide proven and cost-effective tactics based on our clients' specific needs. We offer each client a tailored blend of best practices and strategic solutions in public affairs, branding, social media, public and media relations, outreach, event management, stakeholder relationship management, corporate and change communications, communications planning and implementation, risk and crisis communications, measurement, and leadership messaging.

Task Area Booz Allen Offerings

Communication Strategy & Planning

  • Analyze mission, goals and objectives to develop communication strategies, plans and, tactics
  • Identify audiences for the communications
  • Assess reputation risk
  • Develop objectives, themes and messages
  • Synchronize related communication events across command, echelon, agency and governmental lines
  • Establish measures of performance and measures of effectiveness
  • Monitor implementation of communication plans
  • Make assessments of strategy, plan and, tactical effectiveness
News media relations
  • Develop media strategies, including online media strategy, and news release strategy and distribution
  • Use messaging consistency process with targeted media
  • Develop press kits, organize and manage media tours and media relationships, including media outreach and placement
Mass media monitoring and analysis
  • Track news media, Internet-based social media and other media
  • Conduct content analysis, including message analysis, analysis of an article’s tone, prominence, and quality of coverage
  • Develop and implement a technology tool to gather, analyze, report on, and archive media clips
Communication environment assessment
  • Conduct special population studies
  • Identify communications vehicles and channels, and determine communication goals and objectives
  • Design feedback mechanisms/tools to evaluate the effectiveness of current communication practices
Intra-organizational messaging alignment
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis, message analysis, and communication assessment
  • Develop a strategic communications plan, including message consistency, alignment, and delivery
  • Provide leadership messaging and preparation
Development of print, audio, visual, web-based, and other informational materials
  • Develop effective and creative branding and campaign strategy
  • Provide all aspects of visual information marketing, including concept development, design and imagery creation, and production of print, audio, and visual products
  • Provide marketing/promotional writing, editing, and formatting and professional editorial services
  • Design interactive media and 2D/3D animation to enhance training, website and special events
Event tracking, scheduling, and synchronizing
  • Identify major events for participation, key leadership engagement and other appropriate resources
  • Develop a process to plan, organize, record, and track details of event
  • Research, develop and maintain a conference and events matrix to proactively plan for and participate in key events
Community relations and outreach program coordination
  • Develop public participation and strategic plans, including key stakeholder engagements and communications and outreach/grassroots activities
  • Plan, execute and manage all stages of community relations/outreach events
  • Develop tailored key messages and identify appropriate communication tactics
IT support and analysis
  • Provide IT expertise and manpower support
  • Develop and implement IT solutions to enhance the collection, interpretation and reporting of information
  • Develop technology strategies, design architectures, build infrastructure to support networks and communications platforms and deploy packaged solutions
  • Provide analysis of future challenges and needs and the technology to meet those challenges and needs
Website/portal management, data entry, and training
  • Design, construct and management of website
  • Develop user-friendly layout and content
  • Develop web instructional materials and provide training classes
Meeting and conference planning and support
  • Define meeting/conference’s desired outcomes and process
  • Provide facilitation, logistics preparation, program agenda development, and promotional and marketing materials production
  • Provide social media interactive tools, e.g. twitter, blogging
  • Provide on-site coordination, registration desk support, hotel coordination, security coordination, VIP coordination, and facility services
  • Analyze team dynamics, develop post event evaluation, and capture decisions, commitments, and action items from the meeting/conference
Report / point paper / pamphlet writing, editing, and printing
  • Provide subject matter expert to write analysis reports and point papers
  • Provide professional editorial writing and editing, and creative market and promotional copywriting
  • Provide graphic and printing support services
Research and analysis of information on DoD, Navy, and Joint public affairs
  • Conduct market research, opinion polls, and surveys internationally
  • Evaluate and assess data
  • Report on analysis and overall impact, and develop solutions
Civilian and military total force manpower (TFM) support and analysis
  • Develop and/or provide data-driven tools and technology to support alignment of human capital to business strategy
  • Conduct workforce planning, including analysis and assessment processes and development of competency models
  • Provide human resources advisory services and solutions for enhanced workforce performance, via organizational structure/work function/job design, and survey and evaluation programs

Joint Capabilities Integrated Development System (JCIDS) support

  • Conduct Capability Based Assessments (CBA) to determine gap between current warfighting capabilities and needed future capabilities
  • Develop Initial Capability Documents (ICDs), Capability Development Documents (CDDs), and Capability Production Documents (CPDs)
  • Monitor status of JCIDS products in the Knowledge Management/Decision Support tool
  • Process stewards for Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities (DOTMLPF)Change Recommendations (DCRs)
Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) support
  • Maintain Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) processes. Develop, analyze, evaluate, and prepare reports and queries
  • Conduct the formulation, execution, and analysis of funding requirements
  • Provide analytical support for budgetary and statistical budget formulation activities
  • Perform a wide variety of technical tasks in support of the financial analysis process, including gathering, compiling, and analyzing data from a broad range of sources, using a variety of analytical techniques
Business case analysis development and assessment
  • Provide structured methodologies and proven analytics with decision-ready information to enable the need to:
    • make sound investment and procurement choices
    • justify funding, manage budgets, and manage costs
    • control programs, analyze performance, ensure compliance, and mitigate risks
  • Provide capabilities and services drawn from three major areas: Applied Economic Analysis (AEA), Integrated Financial Resource Management (iFRM), and Quantitative Management Controls (QMC)
  • Perform cost, benefit and risk comparison and analysis and develop alternative solutions
  • Research and incorporate governance requirements from Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Program Assessment & Evaluation (PA&E) guidance and others
Analysis of Navy policies and doctrines that affect public affairs
  • Assess policies and doctrines affecting Navy public affairs long-term strategic goals
  • Provide the expertise to conduct sophisticated, quick-response analyses