Booz Allen Hamilton

Womens Forum

Developing Opportunities, Celebrating Success

The Women’s Forum helps facilitate professional growth for the women of Booz Allen, regardless of rank, location, or tenure. This diversity forum collaborates with senior leadership in initiatives, such as Booz Allen’s Women’s Agenda, to develop opportunities for women and celebrate the successes of working women across the firm.

As a result of the forum’s targeted efforts, working women in Booz Allen have a network of female colleagues to call on for professional mentoring and advice about issues related to work, clients, and work-life balance. Members learn and practice skills in financial management, event planning, marketing, customer service, team building, public relations, communication, time management, and leadership.

Booz Allen Senior Vice President Maria Darby is the forum’s sponsor. She says, “The Women’s Forum has been ahead of the curve in addressing working women’s issues in our industry. And it will continue to play an important role in developing and retaining women at Booz Allen.”