Booz Allen Hamilton

Distributed Common Ground System-Army

Cloud-Based System Delivers Real-Time Intelligence

Asymmetric and unconventional warfare calls for a new intelligence capability—one that gives US soldiers and their allies advanced tools to rapidly track high-value individuals, plan and clear travel routes, and perform related operations. These capabilities in turn require a premier intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance enterprise system that enables intelligence information to flow seamlessly and securely to and from soldiers on the front lines.

Booz Allen has supported the Army’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) and Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) program for more than a decade. For the last few years, a Booz Allen team has worked to develop the DCGS-A Standard Cloud, the transformational advanced analytical system of the future. This revolutionary cloud-based system brings together data sets from different sources, so analysts at every level can rapidly gather, process, and share intelligence data to shape ongoing operations. Through a user-friendly interface, the system delivers massive and elastic data storage and processing capacity, with the power to query, sort, and analyze hundreds of millions of textual intelligence products in less than one second.

The team worked with Army intelligence analysts and information specialists to develop the system’s initial requirements and leveraged cloud architecture from an intelligence community cloud computing effort. Booz Allen defined the infrastructure, acquired the hardware, integrated commercial and custom-developed software, produced test scenarios and training materials, and facilitated deployment and support in-theater. The team also performed data validation, functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing to ensure quality. The DCGS-A Standard Cloud is now accredited, deployed, and fully operational in Afghanistan.